Quick showed is however, that these fears were totally unfounded. The ClinicAll system is very user friendly and requires little explanation», says Managing Director Joachim Hof shortly after the installation of the Infotainment System. Individual requirements have been integrated by ClinicAll ClinicAll was always open to our needs and worked on their implementation. The system allows our patients free and diverse opportunities to spend your free time and plan. Thus we are able to make their stay as pleasant as possible,»says Hof.Die first positive feedback from patients to the clinic-Infotainment system were not long in coming.

A few days after commissioning of the system by the first patients the hospital management was able to capture enthusiastic voices to the new system. Patients appreciate that they can independently provide with relevant information and entertain the possibilities of the system. And only on a single monitor. Infotainment system offers numerous possibilities the product range is impressive», so Court. Even that was a reason that spoke for the system of ClinicAll.

This individualization, which offers ClinicAll, is a huge plus for many users. The possibilities offered by the infotainment system are manifold and are specifically for each order to the respective requirements. It goes much further than to allow access only to the Internet, retrieving emails or IPTV and Web radio. Clinic menu, games and your own favorite film clinics can make all relevant information available to their patients and, as the name implies, this offer not only informal care. The entertainment is still important for many patients, often miss the easy access to the Internet with all its possibilities in the rooms can be a long stay. Therefore ClinicAll offers the hardware, for example, DVD players and video-on-demand, so patients can watch their favorite movies at any time. Patients can also Online games try to avoid boredom may be emerging. Even when the hardware, the provider ClinicAll allows free choice of the customer. The size of the monitors is always selected and the operation via the touch screen. Patients can provide themselves with information the system causes not only benefits for the patients, the staff can benefit from it. A large part of the information requirements to clinic offers and of course all other topics will be covered via the Internet and not only on staff, so it can invest more force and time in other areas of medical care. This will also eventually benefit patients. The entire sequence in the clinic for patient and staff makes it rounder and more pleasant. «Tester: Clinic House at Castle Park» GmbH, D-57319 bad Berleburg core business: lymphology, physical edema treatment installation size: 60 single rooms, 8 double rooms, guest pension sphere: nationwide feature: patients The customer wanted a system that provides up-to-date information on the clinic (lectures, menus, etc.), treatments and medical counselors contact with patients with edema – and vascular diseases, average stay of 20 days requirement profile of the user:. Entertainment venues such as IPTV, Web radio, and of course Internet access also for retrieving emails should run user friendly on a device. Continue to the patients can consult on-demand offers of local shops. The operator model chosen by the customer is completely free for the clinic. The installation and the full service offering are worn here by ClinicAll. The main advantages of the infotainment system at a glance: affordable cost-neutral for the clinic of unified communications and entertainment solution multimedia offerings for patients raising of quality standards for patient rooms and clinic services increased patient satisfaction centralization of Services in a modern multimedia system by PETER KLISCHEWSKY