North America

It is very dangerous in eclipse fly an airplane, especially those born in the days that are close to eclipse. Particularly strong influence eclipses have on people born on the day of the eclipse. For them, everything that happened near the eclipse, is fatal in nature, that is, bears the stamp of inevitability and inevitability. Birth near eclipse – one of the indicators of fatality fate of man. The influence of eclipses quite substantially, but our lives depend, of course, not only on them but on us. The choice we do.

And what more stability in the family, in our environment, the greater the likelihood that a problem or even a test offered us a life, or natural phenomena, will be resolved peacefully and calmly. Thus, the eclipse – the most important astronomical and astrological events of the year. The first of them – is an annular solar eclipse on 26 January, with the Sun and Moon in Aquarius, which will be seen in most parts of southern Africa, southeast Asia, as well as in western Australia. It will affect those born near that date. Second – penumbral lunar eclipse on February 9, with the Sun and Moon in Leo, the most powerful penumbral eclipse of 2009. It will easily seen with the naked eye and, as a slight darkening of the northern half of the lunar surface. Watch it will be in much of eastern Europe, Asia, Australia and western North America. March 8 Saturn Virgo makes opposition to the Sun.