Spanish Village

Visit Spanish village on the Montjuic Pueblo Espanol «or Spanish village» has become a popular stop for Barcelona visitors. Built in the late 1920s, it became a popular destination during a Spain trip. Pueblo Espanol»was originally the site of the exposition. Today, it is known as the most besuchtester place Spain. The area is regarded as open air museum and offers a variety of recreational opportunities. A huge gate marks the entrance and leads to architecturally unique buildings on a site with several smaller roads. 117 buildings were built with the intention to give an impression of the many unique places of Spain visitors.

Behind the entrance, many buildings in which are museums and shops are located. Visitors perceive the archaeological National Museum of Catalonia as a circular stone house. Built in the late 1920s, the Museum houses several different collections. Visitors can start with the area of the Be dedicated to bronze age is and provides information about early Metalwaffen. A Christian is an exhibit of objects from this era and Gothic culture. A Greek area of the Museum gives visitors an understanding of the culture of the Balearic Islands. A collection of Roman artifacts includes ceramic work. Many artists offer beautiful, handmade goods for sale in the shops and the environment.

Offers a variety of shops liver work and many other handicrafts of clothing to macrame, masks, jewelry, hand-embroidery, ceramics, wooden toys, stained glass, carved wood products, Wicker, stained glass. A special craft stands out from the Besuchermasse. Goesbo, on the Plaza de la Hermandas «mastered the art of glass blowing. Visitors can experience this traditional art, which is considered to be extremely difficult. Pueblo Espanol «is an area in Barcelona, primarily aimed at families with his offer. Games, shows and history tales are possible. A Sculpture garden, is one of the newest attractions in the Pueblo Espanol with 27 sculptures by 20 different artists,». The area is easy to reach, because no cars inside the area allowed pedestrian friendly and each accommodation in Barcelona. This will help parents better on their children to watch. A picnic area is also available for families.

A selection of restaurants provides the visitors with traditional Catalan dishes and many other dishes. Pueblo Espanol»is any Barcelona hotel or easy-to-reach apartment Barcelona, book point online at Barcelona. All amenities are in the immediate vicinity and provide a welcome break from a day full of activities in the former home of the exposition. Pueblo Espanol «is easy with Metro reach, 13, 50, 61 the Catalan rail network and buses. Passes are for Pueblo Espanol»available and allow free admission for 2 adults and children under 12 years of age. Audio tours are Spanish, the languages Catalan, English, Italian and French possible. You take about 60 minutes and give information about the planning and construction of the site.