Learn Spanish In Tenerife The Holiday

Combine holiday, with languages not learn who knows it? You wanted to learn actually always been Spanish. Was formerly with parents on your holiday in Spain and at some point you wanted to start with the learning. But after work to the course or even vocabulary learn? The then very hard most. It is also thought the Spaniard grew up in Germany Cornelia Crespo Herrero. The Spanish Lehrin now offers year-round individual Spanish classes for beginners and advanced Tenerife in the capital of the island of the Sun. By the annual average temperature in Santa Cruz from 21 degrees, you can combine holiday and training throughout the year pleasant.

The concept is very simple. The classes are held either one-on-one or as a couple. So you must adapt not a group and she can better respond to your individual questions. As their mother tongues are Spanish and German, is just for beginners more easily their questions to ask it and if explained in detail everything. The You can apply learned directly after class: In the hotel cafe, on the bus, etc. Really, you can implement what you’ve learned recently.

And because everyone starts his holiday in Tenerife in quite different ways, there are 5 different times, as regards the start of lessons. You can deny this binding before tuition booking. «Learning in the holiday on Tenerife» offers 5 different ways to start: for those who want to start like in the morning directly with the Spanish lessons, there are the early birds – and the late riser option. Here, you can start either at 9 h 30 (for early risers) or around 10:30 (late) with the lessons. There is the siesta option for people who want to prefer lunch lessons, and guests wishing to explore their environment. Here, the class begins after lunch, so at 3: 00. Stay still those who learn better in the evening and also there is a solution: the evening – and night owls option.