Sound Spanish

Espana: A musical journey through Spain. The mixture of flamenco, Rumba Catalana and modern pop sounds that Putumayo World Music serves on the latest compilation, presented 11 tracks of Spanish musicians who already have a name in her native Iberian, outside Spain has rarely been heard. Who associated with Spanish music only Flamenco or Gypsy sounds King, has to discover a lot. The mestizo sound, for example, a fusion genre originally from Barcelona, pop, jazz, reggae, Rumba and flamenco mixes with accessories such as Afro, Indo -, or Balkan – can also occur. Among the artists who are finding it on the album, Peret, who is known in his homeland as the Elvis of the Rumba Catalana.

The old master was one of the first that attitude merged with Cuban rhythms and a rock-and-roll, to create music that is now known as Rumba Catalana or rumba flamenco flamenco. Gecko is native to the West of Spain, in Badajoz near the Portuguese border Turner, who already has made a name for himself in the Spanish music scene. In his songs he sings in English, Spanish and Portuguese, influences of his influences Bob Dylan, the stones, and the Beatles are audible. gossos are among the most popular rock bands in Spain. Initially the band was known for their acoustic sound.

In recent years the five musicians have evolved more towards electric from Manresa. With Dani Macaco as Gastvokalist a reggae contribute here flavored love song it. Fernando Burgos, better known as Burguitos, is all-round artist. The Valencians malt, acting, and music. Since over a quarter of a century he participates with various bands in the Spanish music scene. While his style always changed from pop to salsa it was. Me his current Band Burguitos it presents Spanish fusion-folk as always in Putumayo is the CD with an extensive booklet with a cardboard box from recycled paper supplied. The photos in the booklet comes from Travel photographer of Peter Adams. And there is a recipe again. The Chief Arquinano famous in Spain reveals a Spanish specialty cooking. «Nice listen, do good is also a Espana» again the motto of Putumayo. A portion of the proceeds goes to Intermon Oxfam, the Spanish branch of Oxfam International. The NGO World campaigned for fair trade.