Tourist Attractions In Spain: Sarria

Sarria is a population that is located in the province of Lugo, a population of approximately 13,000 inhabitants. It has many tourist attractions, among which are: The Tower, The Fortress of the Marquis of Sarria, who is the only a supervivientea of the Fortress and the Monasterio de la Magdalena which was built in the thirteenth century. Sarria is located within the Galician community, is cooled by the waters of the river of the same name, has a somewhat flat surface, but despite that has some spectacular mountains are the Moor (876 m ), Cruz do Arrieiro (820 m.), Santa ICIA (803 m) or Pedreguiza da Pena (720 m.) The whole area has abundant vegetation, which gives it an exotic, among which pines, birches, oaks, maples, chestnuts. Other great attractions are its beautiful churches, which amount to the number of 50, this city was founded by Alfonso IX under the name of "Vilanova de Sarria," although their land and had been inhabited since long time ago. Well, you have to visit to see what's great about this town, its streets, its people, food, everything is highly recommended, as well, visiting castles, churches, mountains, forests, recreation, and to the delight of many features very good, comfortable and cheap, which you can provide security and convenience with spectacular views and promotions throughout the year. Pleasant climate all year round, nice people, if you like to spend a few relaxing days away from stress and above all, being surrounded by beautiful scenery, be sure to visit Sarria, a town with history, with many things to offer to those who swe leave enchanted by its magic. Visit Sarria, you will not regret.